The Children's Sunshine Home

PEI, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, has teamed up with the Children’s Sunshine Home to raise much needed funds for the work of this excellent charity. The Children's Sunshine Home is a Voluntary Healthcare Organisation, which provides a range of respite, home support and residential care, including Palliative Care to children (and their families) with life limiting and life threatening conditions.

The Children's Sunshine Home is not a sad place, it is a place for living. It provides an opportunity to share concerns and worries with people who understand. It is a place of fun and laughter, enjoyment, love and support. While we cannot change a child's diagnosis we can change the quality of a child's life and their family’s.

Our aspiration in PEI is to fund a Multi-sensory playground in the Sunshine Home for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Our fundraising goal is €30,000. Activities to date have included: the sale of Charity Christmas cards on the premises with all funds raised going directly to the Sunshine Home, PEI staff volunteers at the Annual Sunshine Home Christmas party, and the collection of ‘Santa’ presents distributed on the day. Staff in PEI also donated a half-day’s pay in November 2008 with another half day in March 2009.

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