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Primary Care

In 2002, PEI moved into the area of primary care distribution. It purchased Promed, a GP and Dental distribution company based in Co. Kerry, which had been established 16 years earlier in 1986.

Today, the company supplies more than 4,500 Medical Practices and Dental Surgeries throughout Ireland, primarily via catalogue and on-line transactions.

The Promed philosophy is to work very closely with Doctors, Nurses and Practice Managers to better understand their needs. Due to the constant developments taking place within the dental and medical professions, the company continually reviews the products on the market and researches new innovations to consistently bring the best to its customers.

Promed is committed to providing continuing education for its customers in the areas of Medical Primary Care and Dentistry.

Promed's Education Focus includes online advice, educational seminars, events and hands-on programs:

  • Seminars & Events on relevant and important subjects for GP & Dental practice
  • Educational guidelines on areas such as infection control
  • Educational DVD's
  • Clinical advice from ProMed's Medical Nurse Advisor and Dental Specialist
  • Educational publications issued quarterly