PEI Surgical was established in 1963 by the late Joe Keily. Previous to this Mr Keily ran a successful poultry equipment business, however, he saw an opportunity in the market for medical products and so pursued this by opening a hospital equipment shop on Grafton Street in Dublin specialising in basic homecare aids and appliances.  Following this, in 1968 a specialist patient fitting shop for mastectomy, incontinence and orthopaedic devices was opened on Fade Street.

Over the years PEI’s company product range began to grow, and in 1971 the company moved its premises to Cookstown Industrial Estate in Tallaght. Here the company began distribution of medical and surgical devices to hospitals. This was most notably within Orthopaedics with Thackray Orthopaedics based in Leeds which would go on to be taken over by DePuy, and more recently again by Johnson and Johnson. These changes however have not impacted on our long standing relationship, and to this day Orthopaedics is one of the largest components of the business.

From the 1980’s onwards PEI began establishing itself in other areas, firstly in the sale of products for the operating room. It was also around this time that Joe Keily introduced his sons Robert and Tony to the business. Then in 1998 PEI moved to a state of the art building in the M50 Business Park in Ballymount, primarily to accommodate PEI’s increasing product range. Both Robert and Tony have continued to build the business and today are the joint managing directors of the organisation.  

Following extensive market research in the 1990’s, PEI developed its ethos more formally determining the four pillars upon which PEI would establish itself. These four pillars are:

1. Ensuring the supply of high quality products.
2.  The delivery of extensive education support.
3. The provision of differentiated customer service offers.
4.  Ensuring an empathetic approach with our customer- our most valued asset.

We also responded to the changing needs of our customers by improving our values without compromising on quality; something we view as short-term pain for long-term gain. These pillars are as important today as they were then and still are key elements of our culture and values.

PEI has been distributing cardiac products in Ireland since 1997. Stroke and heart disease is still the number one cause of death and disability in Ireland therefore we are dedicated to developing services that put more control in the hands of the physicians and thus contribute to successful outcomes for every patient.

Although the distribution area of the business has seen its fair share of change over the last forty years; the last decade has seen some of the most evolutionary growth in the company. 2002 saw the company expand into primary care distribution through the purchase of PROMED. This business has continued to grow supplying more than 4,500 GP and Dental Practices in Ireland. It is a primarily a catalogue and web based sales company with technical support. PROMED offers a nationwide service, employing twenty eight employees, 40% of these in sales and marketing. 

In 2005 PEI formed a joint venture with RESMED in the sleep and respiratory area. 

The PEI Group today is one of Ireland's leading indigenous privately owned medical companies. Over the last fifty years we have been putting in place strong foundations with our customers. These are the principles on which our business was founded. These core values are as important today as they ever have been. They are all about doing the right thing which is, quite simply, how we do business. Our vision is to be a partner for better healthcare.