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Change for Charity... You know it makes Cents!

It's bye bye to 1c and 2c coins.... and hello to clearing out that old coin jar to help not just one - but SIX charities all in one go – including the Irish Heart Foundation.

On Tuesday 16 June, Minister Noonan recommended to Cabinet to take these teeny little coins out of circulation... teeny little coins that could make a BIG difference to the Irish Heart Foundation. 

By giving up your unused 1c and 2c coins, you will be helping the charity raise vital funds in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

AND you will be helping to raise vital funds for the Society of St Vincent de Paul, St Francis and Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services, Gaisce – The President’s Awards and Irish Autism Action. 

A 6th strand of income will be reserved for smaller charities, community projects, and youth groups who would like to apply for smaller amounts of funding at the end of the campaign.

So grab that dusty coin jar and head to your nearest Change for Charity retailer to pour your coins into a container ... You know it makes cents!

A host of retailers are taking part and you can find collection units in 

Change for Charity is based on the Central Bank’s rounding initiative which took place earlier last year in Wexford to reduce the number of 1c and 2c coins in circulation. The campaign will be run and managed by the umbrella charity fund, “Irish Famine Commemoration Fund” which was founded by Norma Smurfit and has been supporting Irish charities for over 30 years.

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