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First Accent MRI™ Pacemaker Implanted in Ireland

Dr. David Morgan, Consultant Cardiologist at Craigavon Area Hospital, became the first cardiologist in Ireland to implant the Accent MRI™ pacemaker manufactured by St. Jude Medical, when he implanted the device on Friday, 25th November 2011 at Craigavon Area Hospital. Dr Morgan works alongside Dr David McEnaney, who has been implanting pacemakers in Craigavon Area Hospital since the opening of the Cath Lab in February 2010.

Dr Ian Menown, Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Invasive Cardiology at the Craigavon Cardiac Centre, assisted in the procedure.

Dr Morgan and Dr Menown Ready to Connect the Accent MRI Device

The 6.6F active fixation Tendril MRITM LPA1200M ventricular lead was passed smoothly down a small cephalic lead, with Dr Morgan commenting that “it handled just like a regular Tendril lead”. This was fixed to the RV apex using only 7 rotations to extend the helix. The Tendril MRITM LPA1200M atrial lead was positioned in the appendage and again the helix extended fully with 10 rotations. All recorded lead measurements were within the expected normal range. Both leads were connected to the Accent MRITM RF DR (PM2224) and positioned neatly into the pocket.

Dr Menown with MRI Lead

The Accent MRITM pacemaker, with the Tendril MRITM lead, is an MRI conditional system, offering safe performance of a full-body MRI scan on the patient using a 1.5 T (Tesla) field-strength MRI scanner1. An optional, easy-to-use hand-held unit (SJM MRI Activator™ device) can be applied to enable and disable pre-programmed MRI settings, which is designed to simplify workflow and increase clinic efficiency.

Dr Morgan Testing Lead

The Accent MRITM pacemaker is the first MRI conditional pacemaker to offer the option of wireless telemetry for streamlined patient management.

Dr. Morgan said afterwards, "I ordinarily like using the SJM TendrilTM Leads anyway, so the procedure was straightforward. After being introduced, the Tendril MRITM Lead handles exactly like a normal pacing lead, so I have no reservations about using these leads in the future".

He added, “The Accent MRI pacemaker system meets important clinical needs without compromise by offering superior pacing technology in addition to full MRI-compatible scanning capabilities with no anatomical zone or MRI power restrictions. I believe that St Jude Medical is now leading the way with MRI pacing compatibility."




1. MRI Conditional Pacemaker System: an MRI Conditional Pacing System is conditionally safe for use in the MRI environment when used according to the instructions in this manual. See the St. Jude Medical MRI Procedure Information document prior to performing an MRI scan.



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