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First Implantation of Allure Quadra™ CRT-P Device

The first implantation of the the Allure Quadra™ Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P) by St Jude Medical was successfully completed in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Trust, by Dr. Ernest Lau, Consultant Cardiologist on June 7th last.

This revolutionary pacemaker works by offering multiple pacing options that allow for enhanced re-synchronization of the heart beat for patients suffering from heart failure. Clinicians can now program the device to ensure that each patient will receive optimal treatment for improved quality of life.

Pictured above with patien, Robert Jameson, are staff (from left to right): Sean O'Connaire, Ernest Lau, Linda Burgess, Deirdre Long and Shauna Mooney.

These enhanced pacing options also mean less surgery for patients over the life span of the pacemaker, as batteries need replacing significantly less often. The new Allure Quadra™ CRT pacemaker also has the added benefit of remote monitoring by the clinician. This results in less hospital visits by the patient as data is transmitted wirelessly by the device, ensuring that patient health can be tracked effortlessly and efficiently over time.

For a long time, cardiac resynchronisation therapy has been limited by the compromise among positional stability, pacing threshold and avoidance of phrenic nerve stimulation. St Jude Medical was the first manufacturer in the world to pioneer an innovate solution to the problem in the form of a quadripolar left ventricular pacing lead in high voltage cardiac rhythm devices, and is now extending the technology to low voltage devices as well. The Belfast Trust is fast to adopt new technologies for the benefits of its patient clients.” 
 Dr Lau, Consultant Cardiologist, Belfast Trust.

 The St. Jude Medical Allure Quadra™ CRT Pacemaker is supported in Ireland by PEI.

If you would like further information about the Allure Quadra™ CRT Pacemaker please contact your local PEI hospital representative or call PEI at +353 1 419 6900.

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