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IHF Launches New Heart-Healthy Cookbook

The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) is encouraging healthy eating through the launch of a brand new heart-healthy cookbook, 'I Love Good Food.' The book comprises easy-to-read nutritional content, cooking tips and 120 heart-healthy recipes provided by a plethora of Irish celebrities.

A donation from each book sold will be made to the Irish Heart Foundation.

With sixty percent of Irish adults being obese or overweight, it is important for the people of Ireland to adopt healthy eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. It is this thinking that has motivated the IHF to launch 'I Love Good Food.'

IHF dietician Janis Morrissey says: "Poor diet is strongly linked to high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, and is responsible for about one-third of the prevalence of premature cardiovascular disease...The Irish Heart Foundation has created the 'I Love Good Food' cookbook as a practical tool to guide the nation to healthier cooking and eating."

The new cookbook can be purchased in stores throughout Ireland for €16.99, or directly from the IHF website.


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