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IHF launch "Red Hot" campaign for Valentine's Day

The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) have just launched their "Red Hot" campaign for Valentine's Day and the month of February.

Did you know that every hour a life is lost to heart disease and stroke in Ireland, making it the biggest cause of death in this country? As the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke, the IHF works to help individuals and families affected by and at risk of these conditions. Their work is in five key areas: 

  • Health Promotion, in companies and schools
  • Patient Support, such as our Stroke Support Groups
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, such as our CPR training programmes
  • CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) Prevention Activity, such as our Heart Health Checks
  • Research and Advocacy, such as our Act Fast campaign

By supporting thir Red Hot Campaign, you, your company and your colleagues can help keep more hearts beating. Register online now or email Kate Conroy to receive your RED HOT fundraising pack. Be RED HOT this February! Get involved by organising one of the events below:

  • Rock up looking RED HOT: wear something RED such as a red tie, socks, skirt or nail varnish on Valentine’s Day and donate €5 to the Irish Heart Foundation. Fine anyone €10 who doesn’t!
  • RED HOT Snaps: Organise a staff photo competition with a heart warming twist! Once the top 20 photos have been picked, set up a photo exhibition in your canteen. Each staff members pays €2 for one vote and the winner gets a prize!
  • RED HOT Fashion Show: Organise a Fashion show working with local boutiques and shops with employees walking the “Red Hot” catwalk! Link in with your local Boutiques/Fashion Retailers and sell tickets for €5 to the event by inviting your family and friends.
  • RED HOT Pampering: Organise a mini manicure table in your canteen to pamper all of the ladies in your office and make them feel RED HOT while making a donation to charity.
  • RED HOT Movie Classic: Set up your canteen like a cinema and using the projector pop on one of the old romantic classics such as ‘Gone with the Wind’ or ‘Casablanca’. Charge attendees €5 for a bag of popcorn and a juice!
  • RED HOT Bake Sale: Get all romantic in your kitchen by baking anything RED or heart shaped! Charge €2 for every item sold and give a prize for the LOVELIEST cake!
  • RED HOT Pop-up Boutique: Ask your colleagues to donate jewellery, handbags or any other accessory and set up a one-off Pop-up Boutique for the week of Valentine’s Day.

How to make your event a success!

  • Choose events that are fun for you to organise and to get your colleagues involved!
  • Teamwork – organising an event takes time so why not put a committee together to help?
  • Volunteers and helpers are critical – they usually have hidden talents!
  • Costs - Lower your event costs as much as possible by getting goods, services, prizes and venues donated from local suppliers or clients.
  • Promotion - Send an internal communication out to your colleagues to ask for their help, get your department involved and publicise your event using the posters, t-shirts and balloons in the Red Hot fundraising pack.
    • Get people involved that have been personally affected by Heart disease/Stroke to inspire others.
    • Incorporate a challenge into the fundraising activity to create fun teamwork or friendly rivalry.
    • Make sure everyone feels recognised and appreciated for their help with the event.
    • Take photos and send them for upload to the IHF facebook page!


The Irish Heart Foundation helps real people in a very real way...

Last year alone, the Irish Heart Foundation’s National Heart and Stroke Helpline nurses were there to help almost 2,000 people who had worries and concerns about stroke and heart problems. Their Heart and Stroke Helpline nurses are available to support anyone in need, who may have a query about a diagnosis, or would like to know what supports are available in their local community.

 “When people call the National Heart and Stroke Helpline, often they can be very concerned or anxious about their health, or that of a family member or friend. We are here for anyone who needs to talk and will always offer our best advice and a listening ear. We can give people more information, help them understand their medical condition and the information or instructions from their medical team, answer questions about their medication, and about coping with heart disease or stroke at home and at work. Many callers are simple looking for ways to improve their heart health and we have wonderful resources on preventing heart disease and stroke. Sometimes people need very detailed information or very specific advice, other times; all people need is someone to talk to and a little reassurance. This can make a big difference. We answered almost 2000 queries in 2014 alone, but we want to help more”
- Bernadette, National Stroke and Helpline Nurse


By supporting the IHF's Red Hot campaign, you, your company and your colleagues can support the IHF Helpline nurses in their work with those most at risk or in need across the country today. THe IHF needs €100,000 every year to fund this service- so please give what you can to support the Red Hot campaign for the National Heart and Stroke Helpline.

Your funds are important!

  • A gift of €50... provides an hour of one-to-one advice with a nurse on the IHF's National Heart & Stroke Helpline.
  • A gift of €350... allows the IHF National Heart and Stroke Helpline nurses to support all callers for a day.
  • A gift of €1750... allows the National Heart and Stroke Helpline to remain open and available for all for a week.

Every single fundraising event counts in the fight to save lives. The IHF is here to support your fundraising so fill in the registration online today or you can email

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