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Irish Physicians attend CRT Programme at St. Jude Medical’s Advanced Learning Centre

A number of Irish Consultant Cardiologist’s recently attended St. Jude Medical’s Cardiac Resyncronisation Therapy (CRT)  Physician’s Programme at its Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) in Brussels. Among those attending were Dr. Pat Nash, Consultant Cardiologist, University Hospital Galway; Dr. David Moore, Consultant Cardiologist, AMNCH Tallaght; Dr. Bryan Loo, Consultant Cardiologist , AMNCH Tallaght; Dr. Paddy Owens, Consultant Cardiologist, Waterford Regional Hospital and Dr Jacob Nicolas, Associate Specialist Cardiology, Belfast City Hospital. 

Dr. Ricky Sheahan, Consultant Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, Beaumont University Hospital and the Hermitage Medical Clinic, was also in attendance as Course Facilitator, along with other St Jude Medical EMEAC faculty members, Dick Quist, MD; Karl Stoklosa and Joseph Macari.

St. Jude Medical’s Advanced Learning Center offers education and training in advanced, evidence-based therapies for physicians who treat heart disease.  Training is presented in small groups and including simulations, the programmes are designed to increase physician familiarity and experience with various technologies and procedures. 

The CRT programme which took place between the 26th and 27th September, 2010 consisted of the following content:

  • CRT implant considerations and methodology
  • Patient management prior, during and after implantation
  • St Jude Medical LV delivery tool options and demonstration
  • Clinical case studies
  • Practical hands-on LV lead implant (Virtual Reality)
  • Future Technology of Device Therapy for Heart Failure 

In addition to learning in the instructional sessions, course participants gained first-hand experience in the use of St. Jude Medical advanced medical technology through innovative training tools. The center is equipped with virtual reality simulators that enable physicians to practice implanting leads in the left and right sides of the heart. A cardiac rhythm simulator let physicians hone their skills in programming Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) devices.

PEI and St Jude Medical in partnership are focused on providing a commitment to physicians as they seek to improve patient outcomes and lower risks. The training and hands-on experiences at the center will help develop physician knowledge and skills on the safe, effective use of St. Jude Medical products to enhance patient care.

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