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PEI introduce new Cardiac product range

PEI is delighted to introduce a number of new cardiac products onto the Irish market.

These include True Dilatation™ Balloon Valvuloplasty Catheter from Bard and Sentinel Cerebral Protection System (CPS) from Claret Medical.

True Dilatation™ Balloon Valvuloplasty Catheter:

The True Dilatation™ Balloon Valvuloplasty Catheter is an over-the-wire co-axial catheter with a balloon fixed at the tip. The catheter is 110 cm long and has two lumens: one lumen is used to inflate and deflate the balloon and the other permits the use of a guidewire to position the catheter.

The balloon inflation luerlock hub (angled) connects to a syringe inflation device to deliver radiopaque contrast media for inflation. The guidewire luer-lock hub (straight) connects to the guidewire lumen. The balloon is non-compliant and is designed to reach a known diameter and length when inflated within the specified pressure range.

Two radiopaque marker bands are provided for fluoroscopic positioning of the device across the aortic valve. These bands are positioned at the proximal and distal balloon shoulders. Balloon catheter dimensions, balloon nominal pressure, maximum inflation pressure, recommended introducer size, and recommended guidewire size are indicated on the package label.

Sentinel Cerebral Protection System (CPS):

Delivered through a conventional radial artery approach in the right arm, the Sentinel CPS is a percutaneous device that utilizes a proximal embolic filter delivered to the brachiocephalic artery, and a distal embolic filter delivered to the left common carotid artery at the beginning of the TAVI procedure. The filters collect debris released during the procedure – valve tissue, calcification, thrombus or other material – and prevent it from traveling to the brain. At the completion of the procedure, the filters and collected debris are recaptured into the catheter and removed from the patient’s right arm.

The Sentinel CPS consists of a 6 French-compatible catheter with deployable proximal and distal filters, an articulating sheath and an integral handle assembly. Precisely located radiopaque markers enable visualization under fluoroscopy during use. Using the articulating sheath, the curve of the device can be adjusted to accommodate anatomic variations of the aortic arch. The Sentinel CPS is available in one universal size that adjusts to the vast majority of vascular anatomies.

If you would like more information, please contact SinĂ©ad McCluskey, Director of Commercial Innovations ( or call PEI at +353 1 4196900.

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