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SJM: Turning What if into Why not?

What if...
a lead with four electrodes set a new standard in CRT therapy and became the most used lead model for new CRT implants today?

  • After 18 months, 73% of patients (n=154) used vectors unique to the Quartet™ quadripolar LV lead.1
  • At 6-month follow-up, a 321-patient study showed that >50% of patients implanted with the Quartet lead were programmed to vectors only available with the quadripolar system.2
  • The Quartet lead model 1458Q is the most implanted CRT lead model in the US (Q1’2012 through Q1’2013), based on analysis of year-over-year registered US implants documented in manufacturer product performance reports.3

What if...
a quadripolar CRT-D system could reduce complications and help lower healthcare costs?

  • Quadripolar pacing has been associated with improved outcomes and a decrease in at least 1 NYHA class in over 60% of patients.1
  • LV pacing using the Quartet lead’s 2 proximal electrodes improved hemodynamics at 1 month in 40% more patients than pacing with traditional vectors.4
  • In a 12,000-person study, patients with the Quartet lead had significantly lower risk of CRT lead deactivation or replacement than with bipolar leads at 3 and 6 months.2
  • Capture thresholds were significantly lower in quadripolar leads in comparison to unipolar and bipolar leads and among patients with high thresholds, the use of a quadripolar lead would have extended battery life by up to 17 months.5
  • Multiple studies demonstrate 100% resolution of PNS at implant and/or follow-up.1,6-9
  • Quadripolar leads have been associated with a 100% reduction in surgical lead revisions when compared to bipolar leads.9

What if...
a device could be smart enough to deliver life-saving therapy, even in the presence of an ICD lead failure?

  • Some manufacturers, including St. Jude Medical, offer a mechanism to prevent electrical overstress component failure, protecting the output circuit by aborting the shock pulse immediately if the current in the defibrillator is excessive.
  • Only St. Jude Medical goes beyond traditional safety measures to offer the DynamicTx™ Algorithm, which will check for compromised vector integrity and automatically find a viable configuration to deliver high-voltage therapy.10-11

CRT System Clinical Evidence
Quadripolar Compendium

A Kaplan-Meier estimate of the rate of left ventricular (LV) lead failure (revision or reprogramming). After 3 months, freedom from LV lead failure was significantly higher in the quadripolar group.1

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