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St Jude Medical Realigns Product Divisions to Support Future Growth

St. Jude Medical, PEI’s partner in the cardiology area, has recently realigned its product divisions to accelerate its growth moving forward.

There are now two new operating units: the Implantable Electronic Systems Division (IESD) and the Cardiovascular and Ablation Technologies Division (CATD).

The IESD will be comprised of the former Cardiac Rhythm Management Division and the former Neuromodulation Division, and will be led by Eric Fain. The CATD will be comprised of the former Atrial Fibrillation Division and the former Cardiovascular Division, and will be led by Frank Callaghan. Both Eric Fain and Frank Callaghan will report to Group President Michael Rousseau.

As well as these two new operating units, the company will also centralise several support functions, including information technology (IT), human resources (HR), legal, business development and many marketing functions. The company’s United States and International Divisions, which are focused on product commercialisation, will continue serving customers based on existing call points and specialties.

On the realignment, Daniel J. Starks, chairman, president and chief executive officer of St. Jude Medical, had this to say:

“The reorganisation we have announced today is part of a comprehensive plan to accelerate our growth. We are focused on reducing costs, leveraging economies of scale, maintaining the highest level of quality, and funding our entire portfolio of new growth drivers.”


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