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Support Happy Heart Weekend 2011 - May 12th to 14th

It's almost HAPPY HEART WEEKEND! Please play your role in 2011!

Where your money will go!


Last year just before Happy Heart Weekend the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) launched its F.A.S.T. campaign which was hugely successful! They began this campaign to raise awareness about the symptoms of stroke for people all over Ireland. This way more people can get to hospital quickly for the treatment that they need and more lives can be saved!

The campaign was a real success and there has been an 87% increase in people getting to the hospital for the treatment they so desperately need.


Heart Attack Symptoms - even more lives can be saved!

This year for Happy Heart Weekend the IHF are developing a new life saving awareness campaign. They want to achieve even better results and save even more lives with their new Heart Attack Awareness campaign. They believe that by teaching more people how to recognise the signs of a heart attack they can get to a hospital even quicker and survive!! 

Here is how you can help:

Volunteer: The IHF always need volunteers to get out to their local shopping centre and help to sell Happy Hearts. You can give a few hours or a few days - the choice is yours.

Coordinate: YOU, as a volunteer coordinator, can help the IHF to manage your local shopping centre by planning rotas of volunteers and stock. 

Organise your own Happy Heart Event: Bring Happy Heart Weekend to your workplace, school, community group or anywhere else that you can think of! The IHF can offer you all the support you will need to hold your Happy Heart Event!

Buy a Happy Heart: It's very simple when you see Happy Heart Collectors out on the street this May, stop and say hello ... and buy a Happy Heart.

Donate online: Or you can just donate right here ... it couldn't be simpler!

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