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Supporting the IHF Stroke Clinical Research Appeal

This year, as the Irish Heart Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary, they have made a promise to fund a pioneering Irish research project.

It will help prevent thousands of people dying from stroke. It will improve the quality of life for thousands more who still suffer this awful, life-changing event.

Please, make a vital research donation of €30 today  and help the IHF keep that promise?

Professor Peter Kelly is one of the world’s leading stroke research clinicians. His research will be led by five specialist Stroke Research nurses, working in the hospital alongside local Stroke Teams in Cork, Dublin and Galway.

The team will investigate how reducing arterial inflammation in stroke survivors can reduce the chances of a second – or potentially fatal – stroke. The trial will see the Stroke Specialist Nurses deliver a daily low dose of a safe and well-understood drug called Colchicine. The patients will be monitored over the course of five years with the vital data to save thousands of lives each year. 

Please, will you give a vital research donation of €30 today to fund these specialist Stroke Research Nurses? 

Stroke survivors can face a completely changed life. Many suddenly have to cope with severe physical and mental disabilities. One of the most tragic facts is that stroke often doesn’t just strike once; around 30% of stroke survivors will have a second stroke within five years. 

Research  is crucial to saving more lives like that of Paul Keogan’s . Paul suffered a stroke a few years ago, when he was just sixteen, during an operation to remove an aneurism on his brain. He lost most of the movement in the left side of his body. 

But, thanks to the quick actions of his medical team – and several years of specialist therapeutic support – Paul was able to recover to such a degree that he is now on the brink of representing Ireland in this summer’s Paralympics in Brazil.

Professor Kelly’s new research study, the CONVINCE project,  provides the chance to find a completely new way of treating stroke survivors like Paul; preventing them from suffering further episodes. 

His idea is revolutionary; it’s never been tried before. But, if it works, it will have profound, lasting benefits for thousands of families – not just here in Ireland, but ultimately the whole world.

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