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TendrilĀ® STS Lead - Minimized risk of lead abrasion & long-term durability

Tendril STS Product ImageThe Tendril® STS Lead from St. Jude Medical is designed for permanent sensing and pacing in either the right atrium or the right ventricle. 

The thin 6 F Tendril STS lead is designed to deliver reliable performance through a unique soft silicone tip technology that can reduce lead tip pressure. The proprietary St. Jude Medical Optim® lead insulation featured on the Tendril STS lead offers a minimized risk of lead abrasion and provides long-term durability.  


Soft Silicone Tip For More Compliance At The Lead-endocardium Interface

Increase implant safety while taking advantage of the clinical benefits of thin-profile leads with the Tendril STS lead’s soft silicone tip design. The Tendril STS lead provides:

  • A tip pressure reduction of 30% (mean) over 6 F leads without a soft silicone tip1
  • An increase in lead tip surface area of 35% over 6 F leads without a soft silicone tip
  • Compatibility with a 6 F introducer due to the tip material’s soft nature


Thin Lead Body For Safer and Easier Venous Introduction

Ease implantation with the small diameter lead, compatible with a 6 F introducer. The thin profile is designed to:

  • Improve venous passage
  • Accommodate additional leads within a single vessel
  • Reduce the risk of rib-clavicle crush and venous thrombosis
  • Provide more options for lead access in a small cephalic vein  


Optim Lead Insulation For Long-term Durability

Minimize lead abrasion with the exclusive, award-winning* St. Jude Medical Optim lead insulation, a unique hybrid material that:

  • Blends the biostability and flexibility of silicone with the durability and lubricity of polyurethane
  • Provides abrasion-resistance to minimize the risk of lead-on-lead and lead-on-can abrasion in multi-lead systems2
  • Offers flexibility and lubricity for improved handling2

  * Optim lead insulation was named Biomaterial of the Month by the Society for Biomaterials (SFB), April 30, 2009. SFB is a professional society that promotes advances in biomedical materials research and development.  


1 Bench testing data on file

2 Jenney C, Tan J, Karicherla A, Burke J, Helland J. A new insulation material for cardiac leads with potential for improved performance. Heart Rhythm 2005; 2:S318-S319. 

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