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Ansell - Committed to being green!

Ansell have implemented several policies that protect and make a positive impact on the world around us.

These policies include:

  • Following sound environmental practices through all their activities, products and services
  • Managing operations so they are energy-efficient and cost-effective, reducing adverse environmental effects
  • Training employees to increase their environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Minimising the use of materials, supplies and energy in all areas
  • Recycling materials where practical
  • Setting and continually renewing objectives and targets for pollution prevention
  • Promoting the adoption of similar environmental protection policies by suppliers, vendors and contractors

Ansell have commited themselves to being green and have implemented specific enviromental activities in order to adhere to this, including:

  • Reducing company CO2 emmissions by 20% in four yearts (2004-2008) and a further reduction is targeted for the period of 2009 - 2013.
  • They have reduced the amount of water used in manufacturing processes, reclaiming and reusing water where possible and sensible.
  • Implementing manufacturing initiatives to maximise efficient energy usage and reduce their GHG emissions.
  • Minimising enviromental impact of our distribution centres by making smarter decisions on location sites and reducing truck mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Donating unused gloves to non-profit organisations.
  • Redesigned exam glove packaging to increase glove count per box and reduce packaging waste.
  • Ansells's collateral is printed on Forest Stewardship Council approved materials using soy-based inks. This council promotes responsible management of the world's forests by meeting the needs of present and future generations through social, economic and ecological management.

For more information regarding Ansell's enviromental initiatives, please visit  

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