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Ansell Sensoprene Delivers Sensitivity in Gammex Non-Latex Gloves

Ansell today introduced a ground-breaking new SensopreneTM formulation to deliver sensitivity in Gammex non-latex surgical gloves.

Up to 30 per cent thinner than standard surgical gloves, the launch of the Gammex Non-Latex Accelerator-Free Sensitive surgical glove with SensopreneTM brings an unprecedented level of sensitivity and comfort to healthcare workers.

This market-leading sensitivity is accompanied by advanced allergy protection. Free of both latex proteins and chemical accelerators, the SensopreneTM formulation reduces the risk of both Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies.

The glove is suitable for any surgical need and all allergenic profiles – a complete solution.

Commenting on the new Sensoprene formulation, Anthony B. Lopez, President and General Manager of Ansell’s Medical Global Business Unit said:

“For over 100 years, Ansell has delivered market-leading solutions to support and empower healthcare workers and protect patients worldwide. An approach based on innovation and continual technological advancement is key to our business. We were the first company to introduce an accelerator-free surgical glove and, with SensopreneTM, we are again setting a new standard for allergy management in the healthcare industry.”

For more information on Gammex Non-Latex Accelerator-Free Sensitive surgical gloves with SensopreneTM, please speak to your local hospital representative. Alternatively, contact PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900.

For more information on other Ansell products distributed by PEI (including other surgical gloves), please visit the operating room product pages.

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