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Ansell launch 2nd HERO - Nurse Service Award for European O.R. Nurses

In 2015, Ansell sponsored a special award created to recognise the importance of OR nurses in positive healthcare outcomes. The H.E.R.O. Nurse Service award was a first in Europe, following the overwhelmingly successful Ansell initiative in the US and Australia. Ansell is delighted to repeat the initiative this year, with the endorsement of EORNA – and they need your help!

Why this campaign?

With the award, Ansell wants to highlight – to healthcare workers, patients and the public – their respect and admiration for nurses, enabling them to feel recognised and cherished! That’s why, just as they did in 2015, Ansell invites friends, family and peers to nominate their favorite OR nurses – for the inspiration they bring, their relentless commitment and/or their eagerness to learn.

How does it work? The campaign consists of two ‘waves’:

  • Nominate your favourite nurse: between 4 April and 7 May, everyone can nominate his/her favourite nurse. Just visit our dedicated nomination page and submit your candidate’s information.
  • Cast your vote: between 15 May and 16 June, the names of all the nominees will be published on the website. Make your choice and cast your vote!

Who wins?

  • The five perioperative nurses with the most online votes will receive the H.E.R.O. Nurse Service Award.
  • The nominee with the highest number of overall votes will get a donation of $1 per vote made in his/her name to an Ansell-supported charity.

Please help us spread our respect and admiration for the world’s OR nurses.

Check out the Ansell Cares H.E.R.O website for more details.

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