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Meet the Family - Gammex® - A Glove for every Application

PEI is delighted to promote the ‘Gammex® Family’ from Ansell Healthcare. Gammex® is the brand of premium surgical gloves with state -of-the-art technology, that supports your surgical excellence while keeping you ultra safe. The range is characterised by optimum safety and quality, excellence in comfort, fit and dexterity and by ultra low allergenicity levels. With such a broad range … there’s a glove for every application.

The full range includes the following:

•    Gammex®
•    Gammex® PF
•    Gammex® PF HyGrip ™
•    Gammex® PF HydraSoft
•    Gammex® PF Sensitive ™
•    Gammex® PF IsoDerm®
•    Gammex® PF DermaPrene®
•    Gammex® PF Underglove

The Gammex® glove can be used for general surgery. With an optimal combination of comfort and ease-of-use, the Gammex® glove has a textured surface that facilitates better instrument grip in both damp and dry environments. This glove is powdered, which makes donning and double gloving easy.

The Gammex® PF gloves integrates Ansell’s exclusive powder-free technology, the Gammex ® PF glove is easily donned, even with damp hands. The siliconised, micro rough textured outer surface ensures a secure grip while the coating facilitates easy double gloving when extra protection is needed. Gammex ® PF is also available in extra large version, size 9.5. 

The Gammex® PF HyGrip ™ is a powder-free glove where surgeons can maintain a secure, precise grip on their instruments under all conditions. Ideal for orthopaedic applications where excellent grip is a priority, Gammex® PF HyGrip ™ reduces discomfort and increases safety through more secure handling.  This glove is used for Orthopaedic Surgery.

The Gammex® PF HydraSoft incorporates a revolutionary new HydraSoft ®technology from Ansell. It is designed to retain moisture and rehydrate your skin, despite the negative effects of continual glove wearing and frequent contact with severe antibacterial.

The Gammex® PF Sensitive™ is a powder free glove specifically designed to match the demanding requirements of microsurgery. With a mild textured surface, the thinnest Gammex ® glove (25% thinner than standard powder-free latex surgical gloves) provides the highest levels of sensitivity and tactility, ensuring confident instrument grip at all times.

The Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is a latex free, surgical glove designed for all healthcare workers and patients with a Type I latex allergy. As a precaution measure this synthetic solution is also strongly recommended for emergency and rescue services, and especially for childcare. 

The Gammex® PF DermaPrene® is an accelerator and latex free, surgical glove which provides an ideal solution for preventing Type I and minimising the risk of Type IV allergies for healthcare professionals and patients. Powder-free, the glove also limits dermatitis risk for the wearer, and granuloma or adhesion risks for patients.

The Gammex® PF Underglove reduces the risk of healthcare workers receiving percutaneous exposures to blood – borne pathogens such as hepatitis (HBV & HCV) and HIV, due to glove puncture; by a factor of 10.

If you have any enquiries about the Gammex®  range please do not hesitate to contact your hospital representative or PEI at +353 1 419 6900.

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