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NHS Chief Executive Instructs NHS to use CardioQ ODM

The Chief Executive of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Sir David Nicholson, has published his intention to instruct the NHS to implement fluid management during surgery, using Deltex Medical’s CardioQ ODM as a priority.

In his report he states:

“ODM is a minimally invasive technology used by anaesthetists during surgery to assess the fluid status of the patient and guide the safe administration of fluids and drugs. In March 2011, NICE published guidance on the use of ODM, recommending it for patients undergoing major or high-risk surgery and certain other surgical patients. Despite a comprehensive evidence base, uptake of this technology has been poor across the NHS. Full adoption of this technology across the NHS is forecast by NICE to benefit over 800,000 patients and generate net financial savings of over £400m. Current information suggests that these technologies are used for less than 10% of applicable patients.

“We will launch a national drive to get full implementation of ODM, or similar fluid management monitoring technology, into practice across the NHS.”

Sir David’s review commits the NHS to implement ODM-guided fluid management during surgery, with the NHS making “an immediate start” on implementation.

PEI has been advocating the potential financial and clinical benefits of using the CardioQ ODM to the Irish healthcare market since its introduction some months back. The publication of the NHS report and the insistence of its Chief Executive to implement ODM immediately further reinforce its position.

For more information on the CardioQ ODM, please speak to your local hospital representative. Alternatively, call PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900.

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