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PEI supports Southern Health & Social Care Trust "Clean Hands" campaign

PEI is delighted to support the Southern Health & Social Care Trust in their "Clean Hands" campaign.

To mark the launch of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global hand hygiene initiative, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, the Southern Health and Social Care Trust is urging staff, patients and visitors to practice good hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene is a critical factor in reducing health care-associated infections and this initiative has been developed to support health care workers to improve hand hygiene and stop the spread of infection.

The current global outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) is an important reminder that good hand hygiene is vital. Taking the simple steps of hand hygiene at the right time in the right place and the right way can contribute to reducing the level of health care-associated infections world wide.

4,761 health care facilities from 114 countries across the world are taking part in the campaign.

To mark the launch of the WHO campaign, the Southern Trust hosted hand hygiene events at Craigavon Area, Daisy Hill and Armagh Community hospitals to raise awareness of how staff, patients and visitors can help prevent the spread of infection.

The Trust’s Infection Control Team, invited patients, staff and visitors to test how well they washed their hands by placing them in an ultra-violet light box. Trudy Reid, Southern Trust’s Lead Infection Control Nurse said: “This global challenge ties in with the Trust’s existing Clean Hands Safe Hands campaign in its two acute hospitals, Daisy Hill and Craigavon Area. Simple hand hygiene has a significant role to play in controlling the spread of infection in hospitals. We continue to encourage patients, staff and visitors to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly or use the hand rub at the hand hygiene points that are clearly marked throughout our facilities.”

The WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care and a revised suite of hand hygiene tools are available from

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