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RCPI Publishes Hand Hygiene Guidelines

Last Thursday (7th July) the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) launched its position paper entitled “Healthcare-Associated Infections: What All Doctors Must Know and Do”. The paper provides guidelines for doctors on how to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), with the importance of hand hygiene in reducing HCAIs being a key message.

Dr Ciaran Donegan, Consultant Physician in Healthcare of the Elderly, Beaumont Hospital, and speaking on behalf of the RCPI Policy Group on HCAI, said:

“In Ireland, approximately one out of every twenty hospitalised patients will acquire a HCAI but up to 50% of these infections are preventable. The hands of healthcare staff are a major source of cross transmission of microorganisms in hospitals...Doctors have a responsibility to keep informed about HCAIs and to incorporate infection-prevention techniques into their daily practice.”

The paper contains information on how to perform hand hygiene correctly and practical steps to follow to reduce the spread of HCAIs. It also highlights the importance of educating healthcare workers on infection prevention.

PEI is pleased to see the RCPI being so proactive in highlighting the importance of hand hygiene. The company has been continually advocating the importance of hand hygiene products and education in Ireland for years and sees recent moves by the RCPI and Health Minister O’Reilly in the Dail as positive steps in the right direction.

If you would like more information on PEI’s hand hygiene offering, please speak to your local hospital representative. Alternatively, you can call PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900.

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