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Sterillium® hand disinfectant celebrates its 50th birthday

On 4 June 1965, the first bottles of Sterillium®left the production line in Hamburg, Germany and, at the same time, ushered in a new era in global hand hygiene. The world’s first marketable rub-in based on alcohol revolutionised hygiene, as it made hand disinfection safer, more efficient and friendlier to the skin. A ground-breaking advancement, because hand disinfection is the most important measure against infection.

Anniversary campaign with many activities

Today, the blue classic of PAUL HARTMANN AG is used in more than 40 countries around the globe. Every year, there are around three billion hand disinfection procedures that use Sterillium. To thank Sterillium users for the trust they have shown over the past decades, in HARTMANN have begun an international campaign comprising varied activities.

Hands take centre stage

The campaign’s focus is on the hands: a fancy finger alphabet graces advertisements, anniversary brochure and a special birthday edition of the Sterillium pocket bottle. Because hands are the most important tool healthcare professionals work with: they protect patients and residents and, for their part, are protected by the skin-friendly hand disinfectant Sterillium. Hence, PROTECT, CARE and TRUST are the key messages depicted by the smart finger alphabet. At, a new Sterillium website will provide users with helpful background information on the product and practical tips on hand disinfection.
The campaign is rounded off by HARTMANN’s activity “Tell us your modern-day hero in hygiene” inviting Sterillium users to honour particularly committed employees and colleagues.

Sterillium® – always one step ahead

Sterillium also sets examples in science and research: Around 60 articles on the efficacy, skin tolerability and user acceptance have been published in scientific journals. Thus, Sterillium is the most frequently scientifically investigated hand disinfectant in the world.
Just recently, there was a study that investigated Sterillium’s replenishing properties. The result: when Sterillium is used regularly, it increases the skin moisture and thus contributes to keeping the hands healthy. The active research on the hand disinfectant shows that the slogan “Sterillium – a hand disinfectant ahead of the times”, which was used in the seventies, describes the classic perfectly – even after 50 years.

If you would like more information about Sterillium® please contact your local PEI hospital representative or call PEI at +335 1 419 6900.

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