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Sterile Gloves

Gammex Latex Moisturising

The surgical glove with built-in hydration. As the first glove ever to integrate the new HydraSoft® technology into its inner coating, the GAMMEX® Latex Moisturising surgical glove from Ansell rehydrates your skin as you wear it. Learn More >

Gammex Latex Underglove

The most reliable protection gets its undercover partner Combined with frequent glove changes, double gloving (wearing two pairs of gloves) is probably one of the most effective methods to reduce exposure to blood-borne pathogens ... Learn More >

Gammex Latex Powdered

The standard for powdered surgical gloves. Ansell’s GAMMEX® gloves have set the standard for powdered natural rubber latex surgical gloves for more than a decade. Learn More >

Gammex Latex Sensitive

Ultimate sensitivity comes with a thinner glove. Ansell’s GAMMEX® Latex Sensitive glove is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of microsurgery. Learn More >

Gammex Latex

Advanced powder-free latex gloves for general surgery. Ansell’s GAMMEX® Latex glove sets the top surgical standards with their design and latex formulation. Learn More >

Gammex Non-Latex

Next generation glove solution for allergy prevention. Ansell’s innovative GAMMEX® Non-Latex surgical glove is one of the safest solutions for individual allergic reactions on the market today. Learn More >

Gammex Non Latex PI

Delivering Unsurpassed Performance and Protection for Every Hand. Ansell is committed to delivering innovative products that address patient and healthcare worker safety in the complete perioperative environment – before, during and after surgery. Learn More >

Gammex Latex AMT

The glove that helps reduce surgical site infections. Pathogens are proven to transfer from healthcare workers to patients and from patients to healthcare workers. Learn More >

Sandel Perioperative Safety Range

Z-Slider® Patient Transfer Sheet

Z-Slider® is a friction-reducing, patient transfer and repositioning sheet designed to prevent disabling back injuries to healthcare workers. Learn More >


Trip-No-More™ is a bright orange cord cover designed to reduce trips and falls caused by unseen cords and tubes on the floor. Learn More >

DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad

DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad is an absorbent floor pad used to collect fluids and keep the floor dry to prevent slips and falls. Learn More >

TIME OUT® Beacon Range

TIME OUT® Beacon range is a selection of bright orange printed materials with the words TIME OUT® as a prominent reminder to implement The Joint Commission's Universal Protocol and prevent wrong-site surgery.


Change-A-Blade® is a scalpel handle with a protective safety shield to prevent scalpel injuries

Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone is a non-magnetic instrument drape designed to keep instruments from falling off the sterile field while providing a neutral zone for the hands-free transfer of sharps.

Hands-Free Transfer Trays

Hands-Free Transfer Trays are instrument trays designed to minimize the risk of sharps injuries through the hands-free transfer of sharps.

Safety Scalpels

Safety Scalpels are Weighted and non-weighted scalpels with a sliding shield to cover the blade, designed to prevent scalpel injuries and comply with OSHA regulations.

ErgoPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats

ErgoPlus anti-Fatigue Mats are Anti-fatigue mats designed to help reduce the stress and strain on muscles and joints caused from standing during long procedures.

Ergo-Step™ Stool

Ergo-Step™ Stool is a light-weight, stackable step stools that provide an alternative to traditional heavy metal step stools.

Latex Manufacturing Process

Rubber Tree and Latex Products

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Rubber Tree

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Rubber Tapping

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Formers Process

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Latex Dipping

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Latex Dipping 2

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Latex Factory

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