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Sandel Perioperative Safety Range

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Z-Slider® Patient Transfer Sheet

Z-Slider® is a friction-reducing, patient transfer and repositioning sheet designed to prevent disabling back injuries to healthcare workers. Learn More >


Trip-No-More™ is a bright orange cord cover designed to reduce trips and falls caused by unseen cords and tubes on the floor. Learn More >

DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad

DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad is an absorbent floor pad used to collect fluids and keep the floor dry to prevent slips and falls. Learn More >

TIME OUT® Beacon Range

TIME OUT® Beacon range is a selection of bright orange printed materials with the words TIME OUT® as a prominent reminder to implement The Joint Commission's Universal Protocol and prevent wrong-site surgery.


Change-A-Blade® is a scalpel handle with a protective safety shield to prevent scalpel injuries

Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone is a non-magnetic instrument drape designed to keep instruments from falling off the sterile field while providing a neutral zone for the hands-free transfer of sharps.

Hands-Free Transfer Trays

Hands-Free Transfer Trays are instrument trays designed to minimize the risk of sharps injuries through the hands-free transfer of sharps.

Safety Scalpels

Safety Scalpels are Weighted and non-weighted scalpels with a sliding shield to cover the blade, designed to prevent scalpel injuries and comply with OSHA regulations.

ErgoPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats

ErgoPlus anti-Fatigue Mats are Anti-fatigue mats designed to help reduce the stress and strain on muscles and joints caused from standing during long procedures.

Ergo-Step™ Stool

Ergo-Step™ Stool is a light-weight, stackable step stools that provide an alternative to traditional heavy metal step stools.

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