Operating Room


Gammex Latex Moisturising

The surgical glove with built-in hydration.

As the first glove ever to integrate the new HydraSoft® technology into its inner coating, the GAMMEX® Latex Moisturising surgical glove from Ansell rehydrates your skin as you wear it.

Revolutionary new HydraSoft® technology from Ansell is designed to retain moisture and helps keep your skin moist and supple to fulfil its natural barrier function. HydraSoft® is gentle to sensitive skin, yet provides robust protection against drying or cracking.  Donning and removal of the gloves is fast and easy, even with damp hands.

Soft and comfortable in use, GAMMEX® Latex Moisturizing features a micro-roughened outer surface that provides a good grip on your instruments, whether operating conditions are wet or dry. The glove provides very high material elasticity and flexibility, ensuring you have the tactile feedback needed to adequately judge the pressure to be applied.

Additionally, the glove’s very low latex protein and chemical accelerator residue content is achieved by the lengthy leaching processes and post-production washing cycles, while its formulation is friendly to the skin because it’s free of thiurams and MBT (mercaptobenzothiazoles).

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