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DePuy Host 25 Years of PFC Sigma® - High Function, Low Wear TKA Symposium

DePuy hosted a major knee meeting in Rome earlier this month to celebrate 25 years of High Function, Low Wear Total Knee Arthroplasty. The meeting, DePuy’s premiere worldwide knee meeting this year, took place from the 18th to the 20th October and was jointly chaired by Mr Phil Hirst from the UK and Dr Seth Greenwald from the USA. 

An impressive faculty was assembled for the event, including most of P.F.C. Sigma®‘s design surgeons; Dr. Doug Dennis, Dr. Chit Ranawat, and Prof. Tom Thornhill, as well as hugely experienced European key opinion leaders, such as Prof. John Fisher and Prof. David Barrett.

The meeting was an opportunity to review the proven performance of 25 years of P.F.C. Sigma®, closely examining design, function and wear across the entire P.F.C. range, from early intervention, through primary and on to revision knees. It was also an opportunity to become acquainted with P.F.C. implants which are new to the Irish market this year, such as the early intervention Partial Knee, the High Flexion CR150, the rotating platform P.F.C. RPF and the use of Metaphyseal sleeves for revision knees.  

Across the three days there were presentations, hot topic discussions, breakout groups, and plenty of opportunities to meet the faculty, share experiences, and have questions answered.    

The agenda for the three days included the following sessions and panel discussions:

Monday 18th October 2010

Session 1: 25 Years of Experience

Panel Discussion: Does this history help us understand the future?

Session 2: Changing Philosophies 

Panel Discussion: Is there consensus to what is the best TKA concept available? 

Session 3: Patella 

Panel Discussion: Should all patellas be resurfaced or do we need a new solution? 

Session 4: The Patient Experience 

Panel Discussion: Challenging patients and their results over the last 25 Years  


Tuesday 19th October 2010

Session 5: Wear and Function

Panel Discussion: Has science positively affected the way we treat our patients?

Session 6: The Young Patient - A Surgical Dilemma

Panel Discussion: What’s the gold standard in the young patient - HTO, Uni or Total?

Session 7: High Performance Knees

Panel Discussion: Which patients really need a high performance knee?

Session 8: The Future of TKA

Panel Discussion: Optimising the TKA for the patients of the future – what would you have?

Session 9: High Performance Breakouts


Wednesday 20th October 2010

Session 10: Revision TKA

Panel Discussion: Is MB with sleeves an answer to any revision case?

Session 11: Infection TKA

Panel Discussion: Revision case masterclass

Session 12: Revision Case Studies

Panel Discussion: Take home messages for the future


The symposium was the perfect forum for both experienced P.F.C. surgeons, as well as those considering all or part of the P.F.C. range as their knee of choice. 

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