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Fighting Arthritis Together

Arthritis Ireland has recently produced an excellent impact report which demonstrates just how the organisation has achieved and what it needs to do to reach even more Irish people with arthritis.

2013 was a record-breaking year for Arthritis Ireland in many ways. For example, they delivered a record number of self-management courses and their helpline volunteers took over 2,250 calls.

They opened new branches and launched new walking groups during the year. Also, there’re very proud that, after nearly seven years of fundraising and securing grants, the first Arthritis Ireland Chair of Rheumatology was established in UCD.

Obviously, none of this could happen without the fundraisers and volunteers who support the cause and organisation in many different ways. They are deeply grateful to them for giving up their time to raise funds and provide services. Likewise, none of their work would be possible without the staff and board of Arthritis Ireland.

Today, fundraising is more challenging than ever before and the emphasis on transparency and proper regulation has never been so great. As an organisation, they have always taken great pride in how they are structured and managed and this impact report will showcase in detail exactly how they raise money, what they spend it on and how well we are governed.

Despite the many challenges they face, it is also an exciting time to be part of Arthritis Ireland. They have just launched an ambitious three-year strategic plan which aims to secure the organisation’s financial future and allow them to provide a full range of services in every community in Ireland. This is a shared goal and requires the time and effort of all of their staff, volunteers, fundraisers and sponsors.

They report is available to download for the Arthritis Ireland website or by clicking the link here.

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