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New DePuy Spine Patient Education Kit Available

 A new complimentary Patient Education Pack (PEP) Kit from DePuy Spine is now available for patients and spine surgeons to order. 

The kit contains clear and useful information on a patient’s spinal condition and their treatment options. 

The information included comes in a variety of formats, such as CD-ROMs, sample sheets and Spine Sense patient brochures, and provides a sample of every tool DePuy Spine offers to help physicians educate their patients. Electronic versions are also available.

The kit’s contents includes:

Spine Sense Patient Brochures – Patients are informed about their spinal disease and its treatment through simplified medical terminology and easy-to-follow diagrams

Sample Sheets of the ‘Spine Anatomy Pads’ – These anatomical illustrations provide a visual representation of a patient’s condition

Complimentary ‘Getting Connected’ Brochure and CD-ROM – This lists all the articles available on the site, and includes a CD-ROM pre-loaded with articles.

The Patient Education Pack (PEP) Kit is an ideal way to showcase all the tools available to help educate patients on their spinal condition. If you have any questions, or to order a DePuy Spine Patient Education Kit, please speak to your local PEI hospital representative. Alternatively, contact PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900. 

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