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New OrthoPediatrics Products Now Available from PEI

OrthoPediatrics, a US paediatric orthopaedic devices manufacturer and supply partner of PEI, has recently introduced a series of innovative products to aid Irish Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons in their surgeries. These products are now available in Ireland through PEI.

Some of the new products introduced are line extensions of existing products already distributed by PEI, whilst others are completely new to the company.

Product extensions

New product extensions introduced by PEI include:

PediPlate Low Profile Screw Heads: An extension to the successful PediPlate product already distributed by PEI. Ideal for use in guided growth surgery and when used in the anterior distal femur and distal tibia.

PediLoc Femur: An extension to the current PediLoc range, featuring the PLEO (PediLoc Extension Osteotomy) plate, the PediLoc Femur bowed femoral plates offer a superior alternative for femoral fracture fixation in a highly comminuted femur.

New Innovations

New innovations introduced by PEI include:

PediLoc Tibia: OrthoPediatrics has developed an anatomic-contoured tibial plate indicated for proximal and distal osteotamies of the tibia. The PediLoc Tibia plate offers many benefits and is ideally suited for patients with tibial torsion and who require a distal de-rotational osteotomy.

PediFlex: PEI is now able to offer the most comprehensive range of flexible nails for paediatric orthopaedic patients in the marketplace. OrthoPediatrics’ PediFlex nails offer both a titanium option and a stainless steel option (when a more rigid nail is required).

Paediatric Spica Table: The OrthoPediatrics paediatric Spica table is one of only two products CE marked in Europe, and the only one made completely of radiolucent material to help with intraoperative screening.
As well as these innovative products now being available in Ireland, PEI and OrthoPediatrics will also be launching several new products in the coming months, including a paediatric cannulated locking blade plate and a proximal femoral locking plate with a cannulated screw option.


For more information on these and other OrthoPediatrics products, please visit the paediatric orthopaedic product pages. Alternatively, contact your local hospital representative or speak to PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900.

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