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Newton Faulkner Endorses DePuy DVR® Plate.

The DVR® Anatomic Plate which aims to provide stable, internal fixation for the treatment of fractures and deformities in the wrist, has recently featured in the UK media through the endorsement of internationally renowned male solo artist, Newton Faulkner, following an accident he encountered whilst holidaying in France.

Faulkner was enjoying a winter holiday in France, he explains "I wasn’t skiing because I didn’t want to risk anything ‐ I was starting the album two days after I got back. But I slipped over two feet from the front door going to a car six feet from the front door, and landed really badly."

Faulkner was taken to hospital where he was told he had fractured his radius and dislocated his wrist. This meant he would need to be in a cast for two and a half months. Once the cast was removed he may have lost a lot of movement in his hand. For a guitarist, this news was devastating.

After frantic calls home Faulkner learnt of a plating technique which could save his career. He was flown immediately back to the UK for a pioneering operation at the University College of London.

Elliott Sorene the operating surgeon classed Newton’s wrist fracture as a potentially career ending injury.

He states that "Many surgeons are wary of operating on musicians. But this is now my standard care for complex wrist fractures. It has become popular over the past few years because it stabilises the fracture fragments so well."
The DVR® Anatomic has an impressive story with robust positive clinical experience and over 200,000 plates implanted.  

The main advantages of the system include:

  • Anatomic Design: Plate contoured to respect the watershed line, underside of plate shaped to enhance buttressing and load transfer
  • F.A.S.T. Guide ® Technology: Efficiency and ease-of-use.
  • Proprietary Peg Distribution: Scaffold of sub-condylar support
  • Fixed Angel K-Wire Referencing:  Optimal plate placement for restoration of volar tilt and radial inclination.

If you would like to know more about the DVR® Anatomic Plate please do not hesitate to contact your hospital representative or PEI at +353 1 419 6900.

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