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PEI Launches Merete BioBall and OsteoBridge Products in Ireland

PEI is pleased to announce the launch of Merete’s Special Revision orthopaedic products, BioBall® and OsteoBridge®, on the Irish market.

Each product offers surgeons a high measure of intraoperative flexibility during revision surgery.


BioBall® is an innovative Hip Endoprosthesis Modular Head system that can accompany nearly all revision and primary surgeries. Proven to be particularly indispensable in hip arthroplasties, its flexibility means that incorrect positions of the prosthesis stem and the hip socket can be compensated by the appropriate selection and positioning of the adapter.

The System consists of standard and offset adapter components which have been designed to assure very high component reliability with the maximum possible range of motion (ROM).


The OsteoBridge® Knee Arthrodesis is the ideal modular system for the fusion of the knee joint. Due to its design, small and medium bone defects can be treated.

The system consists of an angled spacer for bridging the damaged joint as well as a set of nails with collars in different lengths and diameters to anchor the implant in femur and tibia. The nails with collars adapt very well to the anatomy of bone ends reshaped by previous TKAs.

The OsteoBridge® Diaphysis is a modular, diaphyseal endoprosthesis for the long-term stabilisation of diaphyseal segmental bone defects and bone resections in humerous, femur and tibia as a result of trauma, bone infection, bone tumour, or failure of a previous osteosynthesis. It is an easy and safe surgical technique.

For further information on the BioBall® and OsteoBridge®, please visit our Special Revision product pages. Alternatively, contact your local hospital representative, or call PEI directly on +353 1 419 6900.


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