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PEI to support first All-Ireland Core Curriculum event

PEI is delighted to support the first RCSI-led Orthopaedic registrar Core Curriculum meeting of the year. The meeting is particularly unique as it is the first to include trainees from both North and South of the border.

The focus of the meeting is to look specifically at the sub-specialist area of the Pelvis and Acetabulum. The organisers hope that through a series of lectures, practical sessions and case discussions, attendees will gain the necessary skills to make appropriate and timely decisions in the initial and definitive management of patients with Pelvis and Acetabular fractures.

The meeting, an all-day event, takes place on Monday next, 25th January at Tallaght Hospital. Tallaght Hospital is a tertiary academic referral centre for the management of Pelvis and Acetabular Fractures in the Republic of Ireland. 

The faculty is of a very high standard, featuring Prof. John McElwain, Mr. Anthony J. Ward, Mr. Andrew Johnson, Mr. Barry O'Neill and Mr. Joe Quelly; and is co-chaired by Mr. Brendan O'Daly and Mr. Michael Leonard.

If you would like more information about the event please contact your local PEI hospital representative or contact Ms. Amanda Wilkinson, RCSI via email:

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