PEI distributes several DePuy Mitek shoulder products that fall under the Rotator Cuff category. These products are:


HealixTM Suture Anchor - Optimised Fixation in Rotator Cuff Repair


Healix is a threaded anchor designed to provide optimised fixation in rotator cuff repair. The Healix anchor has an increased number of threads* to provide improved bone contact, and a dual threaded design to independently engage in both cortical and cancellous bone, thus maximising fixation. The Healix anchor has an internally driven design which provides increased torque capabilities*, and incorporates a distal bridge to provide excellent suture sliding and abrasion resistance.

The Healix anchor is available in both non-absorbable Peek (Healix), and also a new innovative material Biocryl Rapide (Healix BR) offering a bio-replaceable solution for rotator cuff repair. 

* Compared with SpiralokTM Anchor


 Healix Suture Anchor | DePuy Mitek | PEI


Fastin RC Threaded Anchor - A Self-Tapping Titanium Implant

The Fastin RC Threaded Anchor is a self-tapping titanium implant with independent dual suture eyelets for independent suture strands to distribute tension on the repair for strong medial to lateral fixation.


 Fastin RC Threaded Anchor | DePuy Mitek | PEI


SpiralokTM Anchor - An Absorbable Anchor for Rotator Cuff Repairs

Spiralok Anchor is an absorbable anchor for Rotator Cuff Repairs. This anchor is made from PolyLactic Acid (PLA) and has four threads for high strength fixation. The anchor has a dual suture eyelet that allows for independent suture sliding.


 Spiralok Anchor | DePuy Mitek | PEI


VersalokTM Suture Anchor - Versatile Configurations in Rotator Cuff Repair

Versalok was designed to allow for versatile suture configurations in rotator cuff repair that includes single row, dual row, and suture spanning fixations, with the ultimate goal of a footprint restoration that is consistently reproducible.

The Versalok Anchor provides the ability to precisely control the tension of the suture, and the unique design locks the suture within the anchor, providing strength and durability of the repair without the need to tie knots.


 Versalok Suture Anchor | DePuy Mitek | PEI







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