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ATTUNE™ Primary Total Knee System

The ATTUNE™ Primary Total Knee System is designed with the goal of addressing the clinical needs of patients, surgeons, and hospital providers alike. Extensive research and science is included in the design to help improve functional outcomes. Learn More >

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LCS® Complete™ Knee System

The LCS® Mobile-Bearing Knee System was updated to include additional primary and revision implant options and new instrumentation. The system contains primary cruciate-retaining and cruciate-sacrificing components and a range of revision options. Learn More >

Sigma® Fixed Bearing Knee System

The Sigma® CR Porocoat® Femur has a specialized Porocoat® Porous Coating which provides a tight fit between the implant and adjacent bone provides maximum fixation in the shortest time. Learn More >

Preservation® Uni-compartmental Knee System

The exposure for the Preservation™ Unicompartmental Knee System leaves the patella in its natural position over the femoral condyles and avoids disruption of the extensor mechanism. Learn More >

LCS® Complete™ Revision Knee System

The LCS Complete Revision System offers your surgeon solutions to help address the wide variety of soft tissue and bone defects often encountered during revision TKA. Learn More >

P.F.C. ® Sigma® Revision Knee System

The P.F.C. ® Sigma® TC3 design is the most constrained device available within the P.F.C. ® Sigma® Knee System. Surgeons are able to address bone and soft tissue defects with a variety of options, like augments, stems and metaphyseal sleeves. Learn More >

Sigma® High Performance Partial Knee System

The Sigma® High Performance Partial Knee delivers High Performance by offering function with wear resistance. Its femoral component is designed for full contact at 155 degrees of flexion and it has two pegs for fixation and rotational stability. Learn More >

S-ROM® Noiles™ Rotating Hinge

The S-ROM® NOILES™ Rotating Hinge (NRH) is a revision knee product that allows surgeons to successfully reconstruct severe soft tissue and bony defects. Modular wedges, stems and metaphyseal sleeves are in a range of sizes to provide optimal fit. Learn More >

Metaphyseal® Sleeves

Metaphyseal® Sleeves are a solid foundation for implant stability. They offer fixation and stability by addressing offset near the joint line and in combination with rotating platforms they offer the optimum in rotation, fixation and stability. Learn More >

TruMatch® Personalized Solutions

TruMatch® Personalized Solutions is a surgical instrumentation and computer software system that is designed to aid in knee implant positioning and procedure efficiency. Learn More >

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