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Global® FX Shoulder Fracture System

Developed specifically for humeral head fractures, DePuy's GLOBAL® FX Shoulder Fracture System includes many features to assist the surgeon with this particularly difficult procedure. Learn More >

Global® Advantage® Shoulder Arthroplasty System

The DePuy GLOBAL® ADVANTAGE® Cuff Tear Arthropathy (CTA) humeral head prosthesis is indicated for use in patients with a massive, irreparable rotator cuff tear and arthritis. Learn More >

NeuFlex® MCP/PIP Finger Implant System

The NEUFLEX® MCP and PIP Finger Joint Implant Systems help to restore function to the patient with rheumatoid, degenerative or traumatic arthritis. It offers an anatomic ANASIL silicone device with easy-to-use ergonomically-designed instruments. Learn More >

ACE-Fischer® External Fixation System

The ACE-Fischer® External Fixation System is a versatile frame that can be constructed for applications ranging from simple fractures to complex reconstruction. It can be used for: tibia plateau fractures and pilon fractures among other procedures. Learn More >

Bremer HIFix™ Halo Skull Pin

The Bremer HIFix™ Halo Skull Pin is the first skull pin to utilize cutting edges instead of a sharp, nail like, tip. Instead of crushing its way into bone the HIFix pin drills a neat path leaving the bone strong and viable. Learn More >

DePuy® Nancy Nails

Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) is an established philosophy for treatment of long bone fractures in children; ESIN therefore can be achieved very effectively with Nancy nails. Learn More >

Delta Xtend™ Reverse Shoulder System

The Delta Xtend™ system is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. The Delta Xtend™ humeral stem is designed for cemented fixation. The glenoid component is cementless with four screws as primary fixation and HA coating for secondary fixation Learn More >

BIAX® Total Wrist System

The BIAX Total Wrist with POROCOAT Porous Coating simulates the biaxial motion of the normal wrist. Duplication of the anatomy provides for Flexion Extension Motion and Radial-Ulnar Deviation that closely simulate normal wrist joint mechanics.

Memory Staple®

The Memory Staple is a secure osteosynthesis device developed to provide stability at the site of circular-shaped osteotomy for phalangeal shortening. The compressive construct is designed to provide initial stability, to ensure a safe recovery. Learn More >

Mobility™ Total Ankle System

The Mobility™ Total Ankle System is a three-component, cementless, unconstrained, mobile-bearing prosthesis with a dedicated instrumentation system. Learn More >

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