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ResMed PEI Initiates Customer Communication Programme

Keen to constantly improve its customer service offering, in June of this year ResMed PEI sent out a questionnaire to its customers that focused on the company’s current communication practices, both online and off. In total, thirty percent of those who were sent the questionnaire completed it.

The intention of the questionnaire was to gauge how customers rate current communication practices and also to provide an opportunity for customers to suggest ways in which communication could be improved in the future.

The response rate received exceeded expectations. Well above the industry average, this response rate is a clear indication that ResMed PEI customers care about how they are communicated with.

ResMed PEI will use the insight gleaned from the responses to improve its future communication programmes and thus continue providing a level of customer service that customers expect. Although some changes will be made immediately, other improvements will be implemented over the coming months.


ResMed PEI would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those customers who completed the questionnaire. 

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