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See the S9™ at ITS 2010

PEI is delighted to demonstrate its newest Autotitration device; the S9™ AutoSet from Resmed, at this year's Irish Thoracic Society Annual Scientific Meeting at Silver Spring's Hotel, Cork, on November 5ht and 6th. The S9™ series is simple evidence that technical advances in therapy and contemporary design can co-exist without compromise. The true innovation of ResMed's S9™ Series goes beyond elegant style which provides a less intimidating experience for the patient.

The S9™ is more than a new therapy system; it’s a comfort revolution. The combination of S9™, H5i and Climate Line tubing is known as Climate Control. Climate Control is unique to ResMed and was designed to fully automate and simplify the setup and delivery of humidification which is delivered at a precise temperature for optimum comfort. It is also fully compliant, in that its ease of use is similar to that of a mobile phone or digital camera.

More than ever, patients are on the move and demanding the benefits of CPAP wherever they may travel, that's why ResMed made this CPAP device so convenient. It is easy to set up, easy to travel with and a breeze to use.
So what can you expect from the S9™?

 • To start with, more clinical success from the enhanced AutoSet and Easy-Breathe technologies
• The S9™ Series introduces features that help you make more of your resources; it gives you everything you need to provide the highest level of patient care cost effectively.
• For over 20 years, ResMed has built up a reputation for innovation and manufacturing excellence and the S9™ is sure to uphold this reputation.

For further information about the S9, please contact your local ResMed PEI sales representative or call us at (01) 419 6900. See also ResMed's web site dedicated to the S9™ at


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