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ResMed PEI Celebrates its Fifth Birthday

European Union medical research indicates that somewhere in the region of 95-105,000 people in Ireland suffer from a disorder that very little is actually known about. This disorder is known as Sleep Apnoea.

Presently only around 6,500 - 7,000 patients are diagnosed with this condition in Ireland.

In 2005 ResMed PEI was established to service the Irish Sleep Apnoea market - bringing together two like minded companies - PEI, one of Ireland's leading medical supply business's and ResMed, one of the world's leading CPAP manufacturers.

We are delighted to announce ResMed PEI's 5th birthday. Over the past five years we have grown from strength to strength. Our product ranges and services have evolved and today we have an extensive product range of masks and devices for the treatment of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine. We have recently launched the newest Autotitration device - the S9™ AutoSet. This series goes beyond elegant style providing a less intimidating experience for the patient.

ResMed PEI is dedicated to patient services and through our education support we strive to improve patient compliance. We offer a free mask clinic service every month and ongoing education days in various hospitals throughout the country.

For further information about  ResMed PEI please contact your local ResMed PEI sales representative or call us at (01) 419 6900 or

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