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ResMed PEI announce upcoming ResMed Academy Day

Introducing ResMed Academy Day:

ResMed PEI is delighted to announce the inaugural ResMed Academy Day - a series of presentations and workshops available to healthcare professionals that identifies the most recent advances in the field of SDB and Ventilation.

The event takes place on Friday, 26th May, at ResMed PEI's offices in Ballymount, Dublin 12 and will feature an extensive agenda - From methods for increasing compliance to advanced ventilation techniques to showcasing the most up to date technology - the academy day sets out to give clinicians everything they need to better manage patients.

  • We aim to explore the most effective ways to use masks and identify new ways of troubleshooting to achieve optimum patient compliance and effective therapy.
  • We will explore how diagnostic tools can shape an efficient patient pathway, and to help understand what role investigative tools have in optimising therapy in different patient groups.
  • We will present case studies on patients with respiratory insufficiency, evaluating modes and advanced settings and how they relate to underlying pathology and their  treatment.

We'd love if you can join us for the inaugural ResMed Academy Day. Just ask your local ResMed PEI hospital representative for more information or to reserve a spot. Please note places are limited.

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