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ResMed Unveils a New Brand, Reflecting Commitment to Changing Lives

"Changing lives with every breath." That's the new tagline accompanying a refreshed ResMed brand that aligns ResMed's appearance in the marketplace with its global focus on innovation that benefits patients' lives.

ResMed's new logo includes an updated wordmark combined with a visually appealing "pulse" curve that shifts in color from bright blue to rich red, symbolising the transition that deoxygenated blood makes to oxygenated blood with every breath, and every beat of the heart.

"Our purpose is to improve the lives of patients who use our solutions to treat sleep-disordered breathing, COPD, and other chronic diseases," said ResMed CEO Mick Farrell. "Throughout our 25-year history we've worked closely with medical communities to achieve that objective and demonstrate the clinical as well as economic benefits of our solutions.

"Worldwide shifts in healthcare dynamics have opened up important opportunities to further impact the well-being of millions of undiagnosed patients," Farrell said. "Our new brand speaks clearly to our partners—from physicians, to homecare providers, to patients—that ResMed is the industry leader because we are steadfastly focused on changing lives with every breath."

The new brand transition started earlier in the year with ResMed's U.S. operations, and is slowly being rolled out globally throughout the year. A key element will be a refreshed and user-friendly company website——that helps people more easily find information to help them on their journey to better breathing.

"ResMed has been making a difference from the day we began pioneering sleep apnea treatment in 1989," said Farrell. "Our new brand will be front and center as we continue making a difference to patients, to physicians, and to healthcare systems. It's exciting and it's just the first step in what will be a landmark year for ResMed, with launches of game-changing products and solutions."

PEI has worked closely with ResMed for almost a decade to provide CPAP solutions for Irish patients. If you would like more information please contact your local ResMed PEI hospital representative at 1800 734 000 or +353 1 419 6900.

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