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S9™ Series Wins Major International Design Award

2010 Design Award for the S9™ Series!

ResMed is proud to announce that the new S9™ Series of APAP and CPAP devices has won the prestigious red dot design award in product design 2010.


The red dot design award is the largest and most renowned design competition worldwide with previous winners including iconic brand names such as BMW, Adidas and Nikon.

ResMed is known for its quality, reliability and innovation.  This award is another step forward.

To win this award, the S9™ competed against designers and companies from 57 countries with a total of over 4,200 products.    
“ResMed is extremely proud to receive this award” said Ross Sommerville, Managing Director for ResMed UK & Ireland.  “The main objective behind the S9™ was to improve therapy as well as patient compliance.  With its clean, modern design, we believe that the S9™ will help increase patient acceptance both of the device and the therapy itself, whilst the innovative internal features such as ClimateControl provide unparalleled comfort to keep patients on board.  The S9™ algorithm and enhanced data management features will enable clinicians to more effectively treat and accurately monitor patient progress and compliance”.

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