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AirFit™ N10

The AirFit N10 is designed to deliver effortless performance with simplicity and comfort in mind. Its under‐eye frame provides a clear line of sight that allows patients to read, watch TV and even wear glasses while wearing the mask.

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Mirage FX

The Mirage FX nasal mask perfectly balances sophisticated design with easy functionality. Sizing is a one-step process, fitting and adjustments are just as effortless and patient comfort is guaranteed.

Mirage™ FX for Her

Designed specifically with women in mind, the perfect balance of sophisticated design and easy functionality of the Mirage™ FX for Her is the solution you have been waiting for: performance, ease-of-use and quality all rolled into one.

Mirage Activa™ LT

The latest nasal mask from ResMed is the only mask with ActiveCell™ Technology. Its unique cushion features an ‘active cell' that expands and contracts to suit user movements and therapy pressure changes throughout the night. Learn More >

Mirage SoftGel

The Mirage SoftGel Nasal Mask offers unprecedented softness and comfort. The DoubleGel cushion has a clear gel layer that provides comfort, while the blue gel layer maintains support and stability.

Mirage Micro™

Our latest generation nasal mask provides personalised fit, seal and comfort for more users. Working with the proven Mirage™ dual-wall cushion, the mask's unique MicroFit™ dial fine tunes the fit to suit each individual. Learn More >

Mirage Vista™

The Mirage Vista™ mask has a revolutionary headgear design. Providing stability without the need for bulky forehead supports, it allows a clear field of vision and a feeling of freedom; and there is no need to disassemble and readjust after each use. Learn More >

Ultra Mirage™ II

Ultra Mirage™ II shows the Equivalent performance to the original Ultra Mirage™, the Soft Mirage™ dual-wall cushion optimises seal and minimises pressure on the bridge of the nose. It has a unique air vent directing the flow of air and reducing noise Learn More >

Swift™ FX Nano

Swift FX Nano features a low-profile nasal cushion and minimal headgear that provides your patients with an excellent user experience. Learn More >

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