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NAI and DFI Launch Online Tool for Neurological Conditions

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) have recently launched Neuronetwork, an online tool that provides information to those with neurological conditions and their carers on the services and support offered by non-statutory organisations.


Developed in close consultation with potential users to ensure that the information is provided in a way that meets their needs, this unique resource is the culmination of extensive work by the NAI and DFI to identify how those working in primary care can better support people with neurological conditions in Ireland.


Providing a ‘shop window’ to users, information can be searched for under a number of criteria including a specific service, a specific neurological condition, or a specific county in Ireland.


Developers hope that the portal will be the go-to resource for anyone supporting a person with a neurological condition in Ireland.


PEI aims to provide healthcare professionals and their patients with resources that educate and inform. Neuronetwork is one such resource.


For a list of other resources that may be beneficial to clinicians in neuroscience fields, please visit the Neuroscience Useful Links section on the PEI website.

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