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PEI to distribute Cosman Medical in the Irish Market

PEI is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Cosman Medical to distribute its innovative range of Radiofrequency Pain Management & Neurosurgery products in the Irish market.

Cosman Medical offers a comprehensive range of RF generators, electrodes, and cannulae for interventional anesthesiology, podiatry, and neurosurgery, including many unique electrode kits for special applications. No other RF manufacturer can match Cosman’s focus, expertise, and history in radiofrequency medicine. Cosman’s products are designed and manufactured at their  own facility in the United States to ensure superior quality control, rapid customer service, and manufacturing cost savings that are passed on to their customers. Through personal involvement in academic research and education, Cosman is able to provide clinicians with the very latest in radiofrequency technology. With 60 years of pioneering history in radiofrequency medicine and unmatched technical expertise, Cosman can offer your practice the best in radiofrequency technology and clinical customer support.

As a customer of Cosman Medical, you can expect superior customer service, competitive pricing, and financing options tailored to your fiscal constraints. In their products, you can expect high quality construction, exceptional ease of use, and superior reliability. As time goes on and as your practice grows, you can expect their product line to keep apace of and even lead the latest technical developments, both ergonomic and scientific.  For example, their four-electrode G4 generator not only incorporates touch screen, wireless remote, database technology to improve its usability, but also incorporates patent-pending technology for efficient heating of multiple electrodes and the widest range of Pulsed RF (PRF) settings available in any generator. Their sacroiliac joint pain solution, the Palisade kit, is not only easy to use and cost effective, but also incorporates the latest science on RF lesion size to produce a lesion zone that conforms to patient anatomy efficiently. Their RF cannulae not only comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit different target anatomy, but are also produced with advanced manufacturing technology that both smooths the insulation for easier maneuvering and reduces prices.

If you would like more information, please contact Susan Ronan, Pain Management Team ( or call PEI at +353 1 4196900.

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