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CUH performs first public VenaSeal cases in Ireland

Cork University Hospital (CUH) was the first public hospital in Ireland to use the Venaseal Closure System from Sapheon Inc. for the treatment of varicose veins. The first two cases in the CUH were performed on October 14th by a team consisting of Mr. Greg Fulton, Mr. Brian Manning and Mr. Dave Power SpR. Both cases were bilateral in nature and early indications are extremely positive with surgeons, nursing staff and most importantly, patients, all being extremely satisfied with the outcomes.
The Venaseal Closure System is a new and revolutionary patient-friendly solution for unsightly, painful and problematic varicose veins. Heralded as the next generation in Varicose Vein care, patients see a greatly improved post-treatment outcome with significant benefits, such as no downtime, no compression stockings, only one local anaesthetic, and immediate results.
Traditional treatments include Vein Stripping under general anaesthetic and Laser or RF ablation requiring multiple injections of local anaesthetic along the length of the leg.
The Venaseal treatment uses a specially developed safe-for-the-body medical adhesive gel, which is inserted into the vein through a tiny tube. This treatment is minimally invasive and requires only 1 local anaesthetic. The gel is applied through the tiny tube to the vein walls where it seals the vein closed quickly and effectively.
The Venaseal Closure System was designed and developed by the American medical devices company Sapheon Inc. which is headquartered in North Carolina. Its subsidiary Sapheon B.V. which manages all of its European operations have offices and contract manufacturing operations in Galway and Roscommon where the system is manufactured, sterilised and distributed.
Venaseal was launched first in Germany over two years ago. Following the excellent results achieved there, Venaseal was launched last year in the UK where patients and surgeons are also noting the vastly improved benefits of this treatment over traditional vein stripping and RF or Laser heat treatments.
If you would like more information about the Venaseal Closure System or the nearest Clinic/Hospital to you where it is available please visit the PEI website or contact PEI at +353 1 419 6900 .

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