As Part of your Managed Care Service Package you can now join myPatientSpace (MPS) for ResMed PEI. This is a really useful App which offers you personalised sleep care through daily reminders, tasks, educational material and instructional videos, with the ability to monitor your progress and engage with your care team and experts.


Step 1:
Click on the Register for MPS button below.

Step 2:
Enter your unique SAP number which can be found at the top of your invite letter.

Step 3:
Enter the serial number for your sleep apnoea device. Instructions for finding your serial number can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 4:
Follow the instructions to Create an Account.

If you need any help, please call us on (01) 419 6918 or eMail us at between the hours of 9.00am – 17.00pm.

The MPS app is available on iPhone IOS and Android.

Where to find your Serial Number