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A message to PEI and ResMed PEI Stakeholders

25th March 2020

At PEI and ResMed-PEI our priority is to protect the health and safety of our Employees, our Customers, our Business Partners and our Communities.
We have adapted the way we work by having our teams work from home thus enabling us to deliver services while maintaining social distancing. We have limited travel and we’ve postponed all scheduled meetings and events, to contribute to the national effort of slowing down the progression of COVID-19. We’ll keep all this under constant review and update our approach accordingly.
Our dedicated employees will continue to support direct patient care activities and to provide hospital support when requested. Our teams will follow all local protocols & directives when they visit facilities.
We wish to recognise and thank all health care professionals for their efforts in these challenging times, and promise to support you.
Should you need us anytime please make contact via any PEI / ResMed-PEI colleagues as you normally would, or via the office on +353 1 419 6900.
Best Regards

Tony Keily
Chief Executive Officer