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Arthritis Ireland Course Helps Sufferers Manage Their Condition

For the past four years Arthritis Ireland has been running a training programme that shows sufferers ways to self-manage their condition.

The Living Well with Arthritis programme is delivered over a six-week period for one evening per week. In this time attendees are shown practical skills to cope with their condition. These include cognitive and behavioural coping strategies for pain, stress and fatigue, relaxation exercises, pain distraction techniques, cognitive restructuring, and nutrition guidance.

The benefits to be gained by sufferers are significant. Arthritis Ireland conducted a nationwide survey of 400 course participants and found that:

• 50% said their ability to cope with pain improved after attending the course

• Over 70% increased their amount of regular exercise

• Over 66% had a more positive attitude towards living with their condition, and;

• 59% understood their condition better

One in five people in Ireland are affected by arthritis (over 900,000) and only a fraction of these have benefited from the Living Well with Arthritis programme. If you know anyone who may benefit from attending the course please contact Svetlana on 01-647-0206 or email

PEI supports Arthritis Ireland's Living Well with Arthritis programme, believing that any initiative that further educates patients on their condition and gives them the opportunity to learn how to cope with it can only have a positive effect.