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IHF Urges Men to Act Quickly on Heart Attack Symptoms

The Irish Heart Foundation has urged men to immediately call the emergency services if they think they are having a heart attack.

Each year in Ireland fifty percent of the 6,300 people who have a heart attack fail to call the emergency services at the first signs of an attack, often calling their GP, friends and family first. This can have serious consequences.

Dr. Angie Brown, Medical Director of the Irish Heart Foundation, says:

"A heart attack is a serious medical emergency and every minute lost or delayed in getting treatment increases damage to the heart muscle and may even result in death...Too often the signs are ignored until it is too late...Our message is simple - don't die of embarrassment, pick up the phone and dial 999 immediately."

This message has been reinforced in a campaign assisted by Nicky Byrne of Westlife, whose father passed away from a heart attack in 2009. From 21st August, the Irish Heart Foundation will run a series of TV and radio advertisements aiming to raise awareness about heart attacks and the importance of seeking emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

The advertising campaign will coincide with the launch of a new booklet called A Man's Guide to Heart Health in September - 2011's official Heart Month.

Further information on the campaign and how to recognise heart attack symptoms can be found at

PEI supports the new campaign by the Irish Heart Foundation, believing that any initiative that further educates patients on their condition and also raises awareness to others can only have a positive effect.

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